Friday, 30 March 2012

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

Daniel and I met my princess after school today and decided a look around the shops was in order.  It was my version of retail therapy…

Step 1 walk around in a shop picking up lots of items
Step 2 decide you don’t like any of them
Step 3 put them all back
Step 4 leave the shop
Step 5 go into another shop and repeat steps 1-4

This may not be everyone’s ideal but for me I can smile knowing there’s still money in the bank!  In reality the weather being so nice we spent most of it walking in the sun before meeting up with her dad.  He’s not really one for pictures but Tianna sweet talked him into posing for me.  Yes this grumpy face looking away from the camera is his idea of the perfect pose!

When I got home my yummy mummy friend invited us over for coffee and cakes, she’s only been baking a couple of days and she’s already fantastic.  Her piping skills are brill too, can’t wait to taste the strawberry ones she’s making tomorrow, Yum!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Phone Free

Phone Free

Yesterday Daniel and I spent the day with Gen and Deandre.  It was an absolute must that I take my godson to see the ducks.  The weather was beautiful and it gave me some time to get away from home and all the negative thoughts roaming around.  When we went back to mine it was nice cause Chan came over too and we talked about anything and everything because I didn’t switch the TV on.  TV can be so damaging to communication, I’m trying to encourage my daughter to join me for a TV and phone free week!


I’m really missing my camera, 
I feel like I’m missing out on some great photo opportunities, 
the sun is out the atmosphere is nice and the natural world is showing off its colours.  I will for now find another way to capture what I see.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Little Story

The Gallery - Extreme close up

My Little Story

My children have become used to the fact that when my camera is working (it's a temperamental basic old thing) it is never far from my hands.  Even at bath time the poor monkeys have learnt that the camera loves them!  This picture was taken whilst my 12 year old was singing his favourite song 'price tag - Jessie J'.  Yes that's right, although we do sing twinkle twinkle and other such nursery rhymes, you can't match the concentration on his face when she sings this song.  I think it's because it was her favourite song whilst I was pregnant, therefore she sung it to 'tommy' (the nic name for my growing bump though we didn't know the sex) so much that he still loves it now.

For me pictures tell a story and I love stories, therefore I love pictures and have loved looking at the pictures on Sticky Fingers: The Gallery

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bottled Holidays

Bottled Holidays

All 3 of us have been ill for the past 2 days, poor Daniel’s nose and eyes are running so much that it’s making him irritable which is really not like him.  I’ve been irritable too but depending on who you ask that’s nothing new for me! 

The sun is shining and the weather is warm but still I long to get away.  What is it about being away from home that relaxes you and puts you in a better mood?  If I could bottle and sell that feeling I’d be rich.  The kids and I went to the park in the hope of sweating out their colds, all that did was make me have a headache and a craving for ice-cream from the ice-cream van.
 I’m on the hunt for a work from home opportunity so back to business!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nearly A&E

Nearly A&E

Somebody tell me why I invite a hoard of pre-teens to my house, in fact you don’t need to tell me I know – I’m mad!  But as mad as it may have been it’s nice to see my princess having a laugh with her friends. 

Although the sleepover invite said it started at 4pm Saturday, I went shopping with my yummy mummy friend and when we arrived home at 3.30 there was already one of Tianna’s friends waiting at the door.  Tianna had pre-warned me that this friend had never been to a sleepover so her eagerness was greeted with a smile and the fun times began!

In reality it wasn’t so fun to start with.  Tianna had not done her hair so in her rush to spend time with her early friend we nearly ended up in A&E.  Unknown to me and my yummy mummy friend she had brought the curling tongs into the living room and left them plugged in and switched on.  Daniel doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to try new things and unfortunately this new thing ended in yummy mummy screaming and us rushing him to the bathroom to bathe his hand!  I’m so glad she did scream because the screams had frightened him so much that he had barely touched it.  That’s one of the hazards of having children far apart in age.  Pre-teens do silly things and babies don’t understand danger.  Thankfully Daniel is fine and apart from a little bump on his finger we still have a happy baby.

The friends are still here and the girly antics are still continuing, so I look forward to a silent house this evening but for now I shall enjoy the laughter.  My camera has decided to break on me again so sorry there are no pics this post x

Friday, 23 March 2012

Princess Pre-teen

Princess Pre-teen's  birthday begun with a 6am wake-up call and getting ready for school as usual.  She decided that she couldn’t open her morning present until she was suitably dressed with her hair done because she must have a picture taken on her first day as a 12 year old.  She is after all her mother’s daughter!  

Here she is with the vest I hand personalised to feed her obsession with all things Zayn Malik!

I started making her cake when she was at school but ended up forgetting it was in the oven and burning it.  I blame Daniel, if he hadn’t had me busy playing with his toys I would have remembered :).  Luckily Chantell came to the rescue later that evening with a shop brought cake which she had thoughtfully personalised.  Got to love my channie.

When T came home she had a visit from my brother and his ‘friend’ and then my older sister and my niece came too.  I could tell that the ‘friend’ felt uncomfortable as she’s not met my big sis before.  She needs to snap out of the shyness though because that won’t wash with the mother, she doesn’t like mice.  

Tianna, D and Thian showed off their keyboard skills for us.  We gave T the rest of her presents sang her happy birthday then I surprised her with a trip to TGI Fridays.  Apart from the girl at the counter the service was good and we even managed to get a drink on the house.  Over all a splendid day, more to come tomorrow when her friends come to stay!  Lucky me a gaggle of girls and a teething baby!


My princess pre-teen had a fab birthday yesterday and after I catch up on some rest I will be back to post photos and write my post birthday blog x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ice-cream or Cake?

Ice-cream or Cake?

The pre-teen turns 12 tomorrow and in order to satisfy the need for cake on such an occasion we have begun making ice-cream cone cakes.  My friend Chan brought some rather expensive cupcake icing and although it tastes nice, I must say I find the buttercream icing I make nicer and I can’t for the life of me use the nozzle on the can!

My yummy mummy friend also brought round a giant cupcake mould, not sure if I should give the can another try or if I should use my piping bag, we shall see!  Dan and I went shopping today and picked up a birthday dress for her, even though she’ll only get to wear it when she returns from school I still like her to have a new outfit on the day. 

Looking forward to the start of the new series of the apprentice so I better get a move on and finish the cooking!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Five reasons I know

Thought I’d give Kate takes 5’s listography a go for the first time this week.  Five reasons I know….

I’ve chosen to go with five reasons I know I’m slightly crazy, the fact that I’ve chosen that might count for one in itself but I’ll start with…

   1.  I’m not afraid to have a dance off on the train station platform, buggy in one hand and pre-teen showing off her moves opposite me.

As was the case yesterday when we journeyed to the o2 for mother’s day dinner!  To top it off we were dancing to our own made up song, something to do with biceps and buttocks!

       2. I often ask my daughter to put the clothes in the bin and the food in the machine and repeat the same instruction anything up to three times before realising I’ve got it wrong.

      3. I started a collection of monkey items, a small collection based on my obsession with all things ape!  My future husband may well have to look like a monkey. .. on second thoughts maybe he’ll just own one!

    4. I say things like my future husband may have to look like a monkey… that’s not even half as crazy as some of the things I usually come out with!

    5.  I blog about myself and my mini mes!

Yesterday I had a great mother’s day accompanied by my mini mes and one of my best friends.  I must say my children were much better behaved than my friend.  She spent 50% of the time blowing bubbles and running around like a monkey on heat (that’s one reason I love her).  We had a meal at Gourmet Burger, I love their Oreo milkshake, then we had a go reading sky news, jumped around in the relaxation pod and popped into business 2012.  Overall a full and enjoyable day finished off with cuddles at home, how I love my children.  It’s not mother’s day in Barbados so I’ll save the mother’s day wishes for my own mum until then!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

3 Steps

3 Steps

I’m in for a treat tomorrow!  The pre-teen took herself to the bank and raided her savings to buy me a gift and a card!  This is the first year I haven’t had to go with her so I actually have a surprise.  I’m not usually one for surprises but your children never get it wrong.  It could be a crumpled piece of paper with ‘I love you mummy’ written in her most scruffy writing and I’d be pleased… or at least I’d have been pleased last year, this year I’d pretend to be while I wonder why she didn’t think to buy me a present even a bar of chocolate would do!

My son decided to show off whilst his uncle was over and took 3 steps! Yes my 7 month old thinks ‘if Tianna can do it so can I’ hence he’s often bumping his head on something!

Friday, 16 March 2012

4 Seasons

4 Seasons

After such lovely weather yesterday it’s only to be expected that we be greeted by grey clouds and wrapped in a cold wind blanket as we left the house to go to baby peeps today – this is England after all.  I’m often asked why I would choose this country, where 4 seasons in one day is not unusual, rather than my small island Caribbean gem, Barbados.  The answer eludes me on days like this but when the weathers nice and my childhood friends are only a phone call away, I remember that I have many reasons to stay where I am, at least for now.

Daniel and Isa enjoyed baby peeps and we are hoping to join swimming lessons with the boys when my sister is back from holidays.  It’s lovely going to groups because you pick up lots of useful information however when you are around children information isn’t the only thing you can pick up!  Thankful we’ve not caught too many sniffles.

The pre-teen will be 12 next week and I think I’m more excited than her, she’s not having a party but we always enjoy birthdays and I know she’ll love her presents :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ducks and Shoes

Ducks and Shoes

After a couple of days feeling down in the dumps the sunshine coming out has brought me out of my shell and feeling inspired again.  Thank God my yummy mummy mate is back from her hols ‘cause she never fails to make me come out my house, even if it is just for a walk to the local park.  Today’s park of choice was Waddon Ponds and although the ducks had me squealing like a three year old their first time on a merry-go-round, it was worth it!  Daniel loved looking at the ducks, geese, swans, heron and squirrels.  This park is literally a five or ten minute walk from my house and I’ve only been once!  Think I definitely need to get out more.

After the park and a quick stop in Pet Smart we went back to mine and let the children play.  Connie then went to her in-laws and I went to meet Tianna for a bit of shoe shopping courtesy of Grandma Angel.  T got a nice pair of kickers for school and me some ‘primarni’s’.
Bring on tomorrow, Baby Peeps and cuddles with my nephew!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Six Figure Salary

Six Figure Salary

Tomorrow will be spent ‘spring cleaning’ and that will probably be followed by more cleaning as my son crawls behind me undoing all my hard work.  I need to stop saying I’m tired before it becomes a permanent state of mind.  However I am tired, although at the same time I’m excited about life and all the new projects in the pipeline. 

Someone who wants me to take on a business asked me yesterday, “Who would you rather take advice from the successful person or the person with the six figure salary?”  My answer…  the one who cares about me most.  Some people are so obsessed with money that they think they can buy everything, including people’s trust.  I may sound slightly bitter when I say this but I’ve trusted enough fools to know that if I trust that easy again I must be a fool myself.

Bring on tomorrow, hope it’s sunny so I can take a break from the cleaning and go to the park… I haven’t even started cleaning yet and I’m taking a break!

Sunday, 11 March 2012



Yesterday I went to my neighbours sweet 16 party, I’ve lived next door to her family for the last nineteen and a half years so I’ve seen her grow up from being a tiny baby to being a teenager with her own personality and opinions.  It was a bouncy castle purple themed party and nearly everybody went on at some point in the day; from Daniel (the youngest person there) to the older generation in their 40s and 50s. 

The birthday girl was happy, the cake was lush, made by Nana Pearly Lou, 

and everyone was jolly which was probably helped by the music and alcohol.  I stayed until the end then got tucked up in bed putting little man in his cot for the first time in ages, needless to say by his third wake up he was back in my bed!  Lazy mother I am!!

Today I should have been going out to meet up with old friends but I think the bouncy castle sucked up my energy, therefore me and my sofa will be the best of mates today!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Don't Choke

Don't Choke

Did a baby first aid course today instead of our usual baby peeps.  My sister came along with Isa.  It’s mad how hard you actually have to hit a child when they are choking.  I’m glad I did it though, stops me worrying so much when Daniel’s trying out new foods.  It was nice having my sister there and afterwards the boys spent some time together in the sensory room then we went back to mine for a cuppa and to try the boys on the yummy food my sister made for them. Needless to say I ended up eating more of Daniel’s than he did.  I’m eagerly awaiting his first teeth, they seem to be taking forever and this week he’s gone off his food.  It probably doesn’t help that he’s not interested in the teething toys I bought him.  Sometimes I wonder why us parents bother with toys, a wooden spoon and a few boxes keep them happy for ages.

 Our boys are starting to develop personalities and it’s great to see them interacting with each other and their surroundings.  It’s hard to believe that in 5 months they will be a year old and at the pace they are developing they will probably be running around causing havoc, got to love them!

Thursday, 8 March 2012



I don’t think I could be any more exhausted if I tried.  My head hurts, I feel like I may pass out and my neck aches, to top it off the pre-teen is off school today demonstrating her ability to have an answer to everything.  I have therefore responded by ordering her to clean her room, I’m sure there are fictional bullets being aimed at my head right now!

Birthday number 12 will soon be upon us and I’m totally unprepared.  I know what I’m supposed to be doing but getting around to it when I have a baby that doesn’t understand sleep is proving more difficult than I had imagined.  As I write this he is bouncing, clapping and screaming trying to get me to join in his made up game.  He does put a smile on my face.

It’s international women’s day and as a woman’s work is never done I better go get on with it!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two Sided

Two Sided

I really can’t complain about the life I have at the moment, sure there are things I would change but I’m pretty sure there is not a person in this world who wouldn’t change something.   When I lived in my flat I hardly ever had a weekend where it was just me and Tianna.  If I wasn’t up in Addington with Claire-bear, I had people from my churh passing through or Michael crashing in the spare room.  There are things about those days I miss, things that I would bring back if I could.

Today was a day of reflection, I stayed in whilst the contractors plastered the bathroom for the second time (they are slightly incompetent) and then I went to my sister’s house.  I have concluded that although being single can be lonely, I’m ready to stay single until that person that I can’t live without comes along.  Jellybaby put it to me nicely yesterday, “Love is a two sided thing which means I’ve never been in love because the other person never really felt the same.” 

I’ve been blessed with good family and two wonderful children that allow me to experience real love.  A person’s words can say they love you, but their actions show the true feelings driven by the soul.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mr Bump

Mr Bump

I decided to move my bed next to the wall last night because although Daniel has his own cot he’s not very good at sleeping in it.  It didn’t help that my nephew seemed to be making a hobby of falling off my sister’s bed.  With all those precautions taken I thought there was no way he would drop off the bed.

I was wrong... in the time it took me to step the meter distance to turn off the TV, I discovered that not only does my little monkey like to jump but he can fly as well.  No sooner had I turned my back than he was lying on the floor at the bottom of my bed with his feet in the air.  It’s a good thing I had put a blanket down there or he would have fallen head first on to my very old and thinning carpet!  

I’m thinking mr and miss bump are perfect nic names for my children because if Daniel’s not falling down from clinging to the sofa, Tianna’s falling from trees (she actually did that on Saturday.)  I love my children bumps and all and I would do anything for them :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wipe Clean

Wipe Clean

I should probably be ashamed to say that my fashion sense is warped, but I’m not.  I’ve gotten past the stage where I care about how I look like and I’m more concerned with what’s practical for feeding Daniel and what will be easy to wipe clean without leaving a mark when he throws up on me for the millionth time.  I practically live in vest tops and jeans and the idea of wearing a dress makes me cringe slightly.  It’s not that I don’t like dresses but it’s the thought of my stomach smiling out through the material.  I’ve been doing sit ups every day in preparation for my holiday, you have to make an effort on holiday don’t you?

Today T and I took Daniel to ‘our tree’ we had engraved our initials there before I had Daniel and now it was his turn to have his there too.  As T put it, “Now he’s officially part of our family!”  It’s so nice getting out with Tianna, we have such a giggle together, she’s just as mad as me and twice as funny, I can’t wait until Daniel is old enough to join in with our slightly insane banter.

Though Daniel and I had visited the park before it was Tianna’s first time taking him and she loved it, swinging him on the swings and taking him down the slide for the first time.  It’s so nice          when an unplanned day becomes a good one.  Tonight I will be making shortbread cookies… hopefully I can persuade the pre-teen princess to help me!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Baby Peeps

Baby Peeps

Was a bit taken aback when a member of Sainsbury’s called me up about my bread.  I had complained that the bread received with my online order only had a short life.  They reimbursed the cost and wanted to check that I was happy with their service overall so I’m loving their customer care right now. Perhaps I should have complained about my shopping costing £85!

Thankfully Tianna has gotten through her allergic reaction without any noticeable damage though the visit to the doctor proved to be a waste of time.  In his words, “It could have been caused by anything.” Like I didn’t know that before I took her.  As she was off anyway she came with Daniel and I to baby peeps and joined in our usual Friday singing songs and sharing our exciting news.  Daniel was only too happy to show off his new trick, clapping!  

I think Tianna enjoyed the soft play room more than Daniel, it’s nice to know there is still a child behind that pre-teen attitude. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tubby Tum

Tubby Tum

My ‘lazy week’ has so far turned out to be busier than most.  Spent time with my sister, had friends over for dinner, made some important calls and then yesterday went shopping with Connie (one of Daniel’s Godparents) and watched Tianna’s school concert.  All enjoyable events but when you’ve got a little boy who thinks sleep is something you do for between 10mins and an hour before waking up to smile and talk to mummy, or suck the life out of her already exhausted body, the activities just add to the exhaustion.

I love the fact that everyone I’ve met recently has told me how much my son looks like me and I love my his chunky legs but chunky legs equal a chunky body and clothes that I thought wouldn’t fit him for another couple of months are now snug on his tubby tum.  Thank God for his god mothers or I’d be spending a fortune every month on new clothes!  There are some friends that are only for a season and there are some that are for a lifetime, the latter are the ones you either talk to every day or can go for months without seeing, but when you do meet up it’s as though you were together yesterday.

Today after having done such a beautiful performance in her concert yesterday my princess woke up with swollen lips!  We are still yet to discover what causes these allergic reactions and they seem to be getting worse so my task for today is to be a lady-in-waiting, organise further allergy testing and provide lots of cuddles!