Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Who?

Whitney Who?

Yesterday was a day filled with three of the people I love most; my daughter, my son and ‘the lesbo lova’ aka Daniel’s god mother Chantell.  Daniel and T had a bath and played with his new aqua pod courtesy of Chantell.  

We popped into town first to get Daniel’s passport photos which was a laugh with all three of us trying to hold him up in the booth instead of going to get them done at snappy snaps. 

We were taking Dan to his first photo shoot for truly scrumptious modelling agency clever mummy forgot his birth certificate so we had to go back home which lead to us being late and taking a detour which made us even more late but it was fun making up songs in the car.  I wasn’t sure how Daniel would do but it was all smiles as T, Chan and I stood behind the photographer like complete prats making silly faces and calling his name.  After the shoot we all went for a meal then it was cuddles and an early night for me and my babies.

Today I woke up at half one to the news that Whitney Houston had died.  If you grew up in my household, Whitney wasn’t just a pop icon, she wasn’t just an amazing soul diva, she was family.  People go through things in their lives and we are always so quick to judge them as selfish but an addiction is an addiction and no matter how much you love your family and want to be there for them it’s not easy.  We don’t yet know how she died, and frankly who cares, the world has lost another legend R.I.P Whitney.

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