Saturday, 25 February 2012

Boy Mate

Boy Mate
Spoke to my best boy mate this morning; there are times when I wish I could turn back the clock and meet him again for the first time knowing everything I know about him now.  He’s one of those people that can make you forget your troubles in a second and smile for a day :)  But he can also frustrate you to the point where you don't speak for months! I don’t have many close friends but those I do have are as valuable as family.

Me, the wife (Gen) and the mad mistress aka Eghele met up at the franchise show in Excell today.  It was a good opportunity to see what the business market has available and also a chance to network.  We spent a while just walking around stopping and taking to anyone that looked interesting.  I loved the confidence that the wife had in approaching people and Eghele, as always, switched eloquently from business mode when dealing with the franchisors, to ghetto when speaking with us. 

My girl really is crazy I’m still giggling at the way she stopped mid-sentence when talking to us and walked off to look at the ‘fine’ Bajan in the Zumba outfit!  And needless to say when I told her to approach him she jumped at the challenge, and I literally mean jumped.  

Daniel, as usual, had men and women coming up to me to tell me how gorgeous he is.  It’s always easy for me to start a conversation with someone these days because my son draws them in.

All the events of my day published and unpublished have led me to conclude that coming from a good family is about morals not money.  I thank God that despite my wrong doings, I come from a good family who teach me that falling doesn’t have to end on the ground if you use the ground to push you back up. 

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