Monday, 20 February 2012



I left the house early this morning thinking well done me, up and ready just in time for Grem’s morning nap.  As the front door slammed shut I realised I’d forgotten my key, and my purse and my oyster card.  As my mum always says, “You’ve always got that phone in your hand,” and a good thing it was too.  Leaving my door key always reminds me of why I love living on my road.  I always have a neighbour that will get me in somehow.

Usually I blog with just T, Grem and the four walls for company.  This evening I’m at my sister’s it feels good to be surrounded by family; five children in total.  Whilst the children play and my sister potters around the house I’m taking this moment to evaluate my day.  It was one of those days filled with nothing and everything.

My journey through town was the typical journey, I always seem to see someone I know.  It’s funny how you could have spent years being friends with someone only for them to walk past you looking in the other direction as though they’d not seen you.  It’s not that you had a falling out or that you have reason not to say hello, it’s usually that they just don’t know how you’d respond or at least I hope that’s the reason. 

I arrived at my sister’s house in good time and settled down with a cuppa.  My sister and I were joined by another friend we went through numerous topics throughout the day; business, family, TV shows, property and then we did one of my favourite activities; eat cake!  I’m lucky enough to be getting a lift home from my little bro tonight, I’m so grateful to be part of such a loving family.  Anybody who has a good family and doesn’t value them is truly missing out.

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