Sunday, 19 February 2012

Poop talk

Poop talk

Really shouldn’t have stayed up watching ‘love and other drugs’ last night, I’ve been walking around in a dream state all day.  That didn’t stop me getting up washed and ready to leave the house.  T and I took a walk into Croydon with Daniel aka ‘Grem’ fast asleep in his buggy.  It was nice to walk and I notice how much more conversation we have when we walk rather than take the bus, or rather I notice how much T talks.  I’m a great listener and I love writing but as far as talking goes I only really enjoy taking with purpose or on the other spectrum talking complete poop.

I should have avoided the walk in as I only needed to go to the cashpoint instead I ended up spending too much money!  It’s fine going shopping alone because I usually pick things up and put them back before I reach the till.  I find it really difficult to put things back once I see my children in them.  I’ve decided that my children are just too cute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I've got my beautiful step-daughter for a couple of hours today, and as T has a new wii game I’ll be watching them jump around the front room whilst Grem crawls behind them trying to catch their feet.

When I’m tired I tend to think too much and thinking hurts.  I’m very tempted to book a little trip for Easter; I might have to give someone my credit card to hold on to!